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In this fast growing market, online classifieds is the only serious consideration for individuals or businesses to post up advertisements or online trading. This is because no other mediums can beat online classifieds in terms of mass-market reach ability whilst at the same time maintaining costs.

    is an online classifieds website that serves as a medium to connect buyers and sellers of a diverse range of products and services., being a local company is able to cater to the needs and specifications of the Malaysians and Singapore more readily than many other players.


Adopting a competitive pricing strategy, is positioned to offer non-price benefits to its customers by guaranteeing superior advertising efficiency and customer satisfaction. Print, broadcast and online media will be adopted in high consumer traffic areas to generate awareness and publicity. VIKON Solution will also use technology i.e. Internet to tap on new customers. All these marketing strategies are aimed to attract and retain customers.



The online classified market is definitely growing. Whether individuals or businesses are looking for a used car, a new employee or a date for Friday night, their first step is increasingly through the Internet. While online classifieds are accounted for only 1% of the overall classifieds market in 1999, that number has expected to grow over 6% by 2004.


Some of the greatest growth will be in the following sectors:

(B2B) Business-to-Business - companies asking for bids and tenders are turning to online especially those serving international customers

(B2C) Niche markets - classifieds that target niches such as diverse small business owners and hobbyists of all types

(B2C) Employment - online recruitment advertising

(B2C and C2C) Automotive - online automotive advertising

(B2B and B2C) Global markets - international business clienteles and customers


The purpose of this report is to introduce, an online classifieds website. Areas like its content, target market information and marketing strategies will be covered. With all these information, Vikon Solution hopes to attract venture capitalists and potential business partners to collaborate and push to a higher level.






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